Indicated for ligament reconstruction, MISBIO+ is a resorbable composite interference screw containing 75% PLDLLA and 25% MBCPTM, the perfect combination to provide strong ligament fixation with clinically proven osteoconductive properties*. MBCPTM is the osteoconductive element of MISBIO+ with a molecular mixture of 60% Hydroxyapatite and 40% Tricalcium Phosphate. By incorporating the MBCPTM technology with PLDLLA in the form of a bioactive* resorbable interference screw the patient can receive the benefits from both materials including architectural bone growth, greater corticalisation* and a pH neutral environment to reduce the possibility of an inflammatory response. Designed for optimal fixation, a unique Torx Screwdriver is also available to provide optimal force distribution across the entire length of the screw.

*Data available on request.
Note: MBCP is a trademark of the manufacturer Biomatlante SA

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