OrthoD is the new distribution partner for SurgaColl

As the New Year begins we are pleased to announce that OrthoD has established an exciting new distribution partnership with SurgaColl Technologies – the creators of new innovative tissue regeneration products for bone & cartilage repair.

In the coming months OrthoD will be able to supply the UK & France with a new product called HYDROXYCOLL– but what is HYDROXYCOLL and what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Intended for the repair of bone tissue defects, HYDROXYCOLL is a novel bone graft substitute that combines bone’s two main constituents, collagen & hydroxyapatite, in a bioactive scaffold. As collagen is a natural biopolymer and hydroxyapatite is a ceramic mineral naturally found in bone tissue, HYDROXYCOLL performs without the need for expensive & potentially dangerous bone regenerative agents such as Bone Morphogenetic Proteins.

To find out more about HYDROXYCOLL and it’s availability in the UK & France you can contact our team online or email info@orthod.com.

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