Vision, Mission & Values

"The ideal company for people who want to make a difference, and that should be a huge motivator for anyone"
Alec Simpson, CFO

agile thinking in motion

Our people put confidence and simplicity into the hands of healthcare professionals treating complex clinical challenges

We treat all stakeholders with respect

We treat others as we would wish to be treated

We trust all stakeholders to fulfil their responsibilities

We have confidence in the decisions of stakeholders

We are transparent and honest in all our activities

We give 100% and we expect 100% in return

We take responsibility for our actions and those of our teams

We take responsibility for what we see needs doing

We work together, sharing knowledge for the greater good

We ensure that our teams have the right skills and resources

We give authority with responsibility

We value and recognise achievement in others

We show attention to detail in all that we do

We ensure satisfaction at every stage of the process

We believe in the importance of what we do

We inspire those around us to reach their potential

We listen to all stakeholders in our business

We understand and respect the views of others

We communicate efficiently and effectively

We adapt to a changing environment

When we considered what sort of people make up the OrthoD community, we realised we share a common attitude:"

A state of mind that willingly takes the initiative, engaging available resources, to have a positive impact on the world around you."