Research & Development

We build on our legacy of excellent products and service, by applying rigour and shared values to everything we do

Alastair McKay
Head of Regulatory Affairs & Company Secretary
OrthoD Group

Research and Development

Innovation is the driver for our team of highly skilled engineers and designers who have a passion for developing excellent products that address real clinical needs. Collaboration with well-respected global medical professionals enables us to produce the best product for the evolving demands of today’s patient.

We embrace continuous improvement guided by clinical expertise and best practice. Using state of the art engineering software, 3D printing and rapid manufacture techniques we provide product concepts into the hands of the clinician, facilitating early design reviews and refinement. This supports relevant, innovative and reliable products that meet and exceed expectations, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge from the orthopaedic sector, whose expertise spans the design of complex revision and custom implants to sports medicine and single-use accessory devices.

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